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     Two-Time Jammie Award Winner Nathan Walton appeared on Season 3 of ABC’s American Idol, where he received a Golden Ticket and competed in Hollywood with talented vocalists from all over the country. West Michigan’s original soul-rocker, Walton fronts his band The Remedy and released their award-winning record "Daybreak" and sister record "Nightdrive" in 2022.


     With a voice Lionel Richie of American Idol called “a cannon,” Nathan Walton has become “an indisputable star here in our community.” Sure, his powerful, soulful vocals draw most of the attention, but it’s his prolifically diverse songwriting and passion behind the scenes that make him an increasingly major part of the music scene, and an artist everyone should know.


Album Reviews

    "They are records that emphasize the power of the collective while Walton leads confidently at the helm, and the result is some of the strongest soulful rock music in the region." - Local Spins (Review of "Night Drive" and "Daybreak"

    "Nathan Walton & the Remedy issued a flat-out classic album that stands up alongside their iconic influences." - Eric Mitts Revue Magazine (Review of Daybreak 2022)


Nathan Walton_102820201217.jpg


Committed to helping musicians and others in the community, Nathan has performed for the Michigan Musician Alliance’s “Michigan Artist Relief Fund” and WZZM’s “13 Food for Families” campaign. He also serves as Music Director for Elevator a GoGo, a West Michigan-based platform to discover music, the spoken word, and performance artists from America and around the world.

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