Show List 
12-18 @ The Intersection w/ The Glorious Sons
1-13 Driftwood Bar 
1-14 Flanagans Bar Grand Rapids 
1-15 Frugthaven Farms 
1-16 Electric Cheetah on Wealthy
02-04 Listening Room GR 
02-12 City Built Brewing Co w/ King Possum
02-17 Listening Room GR Wyce 
02-19 Dam to Dam Festival Driftwood Bar
05-13 Wally's Bar w/ King Possum 
05-28 Buses by the Beach Festival 
06-10 Wally's Bar w/ King Possum
06-24 Wally's Bar w/ King Possum
07-28 Frugthaven Farms 
08-03 Roscommon Mi City Festival  
08-26 Wally's Bar w/ King P